Elections 2016: Florida Lawmakers Prepare for ‘Marathon’ Gun Control Debate, After Orlando Shooting – WLRN

Elections 2016: Florida Lawmakers Prepare For 'Marathon' Gun Control Debate, After Orlando Shooting
Fifty people, including the gunman, died in Orlando's Pulse nightclub and Florida gun control advocates hoped lawmakers would be compelled to propose stricter gun laws. They urged a special legislative session. But Governor Rick Scott rejected the idea.

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Steve Kangas was a former military intelligence operator who chose to leave the service and speak out on the crimes of the US military-intelligence-corporate complex, he was the real deal when it comes to whistleblowing, the polar opposite of frauds like Snowden and Assange. Sadly Steve was murdered in 1998 but his work remains vital material to this very day.

Pickens Entrepreneur Lives Off Grid, Makes a Living Teaching Others How – the State

Pickens entrepreneur lives off grid, makes a living teaching others how
The State
He appeared as the expert reviewer for National Geographic's reality show, “Doomsday Preppers.” And he has more business than he can handle as a consultant and installer of solar-powered water systems and other devices for people who want to be ...

“Toddlers Kill”: Gun Control Ad Shows Absurdity of Keeping Guns Around Toddlers an Error Occurred. – Salon

“Toddlers kill”: Gun control ad shows absurdity of keeping guns around toddlers An error occurred.
National Rifle Association spokeswoman Jennifer Baker denounced the ad as “offensive” and characterized it as an attempt to “sensationalize tragedy to push a gun control agenda.” She also argued that “if [Brady campaign staffers] were truly concerned ...
Video: Gun Control Advocates Release 'Offensive' New Ad Called ...LawNewz

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Only in America Does Such Ignorance and Hatred Still Exist

by Ian Greenhalgh. Some Americans love to talk about 'exceptionalism', they mean it in a positive way, inferring some superiority to other nations. However, the truth is very different, the only ways in which America is exceptional are deeply disturbing attitudes and values that have thankfully largely died out elsewhere in the world.