Air Monitoring, New Incinerator Planned for Radford Ammunition Plant – Roanoke Times

Air monitoring, new incinerator planned for Radford ammunition plant
Roanoke Times
Work continues on a new nitrocellulose facility at the Radford Army Ammunition plant. The plant's commander, Lt. Col. Alicia Masson said in interview last week that numerous changes are planned at the facility related to environmental issues and ...

Frank Terpil: How a CIA Spy Went Rogue to Court the World’s Worst Dictators – Veterans Today

Frank Terpil in the 1982 documentary Confessions of a Dangerous Man. Photograph: Frontline Editor’s note:  How do I say this, “Back in the day…”  Back during this period, an American intelligence agency, one we jokingly call “the ABC Detective Agency,” tasked a team with hunting down Terpil and other “rogue” agents, some known, some even […]

West Virginia Overrides Governor’s Veto to Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law – ThinkProgress

West Virginia Overrides Governor's Veto To Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law
Gun owners in West Virginia will no longer need to get a permit to have a concealed weapon, putting it among the most far-reaching states for gun rights. The House voted on the measure Friday and officially overrode a gubernatorial veto on Saturday.
Concealed carry gun bill passes in to lawWVNS-TV

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