Syria: Political Breakthrough at Hmeimim? – Veterans Today

Original by Aleksandr Kots published by Komsomolskaya Pravda; translation by J.Hawk A meeting which without any exaggeration can be called historic just took place at the Russian airbase at Hmeimim, which is the location of the Ceasefire Coordinating Center (CCC). Leaders of various opposition movements and armed formations, who have fought against Syrian government forces […]

Russia: Who Is Managing the US Behind the Scenes? – Veterans Today

Although it seems that Russia doesn’t really care who will be the next president of the United States, because it doesn’t actually matter much, but it is still very important who will replace Barack Obama, writes the RIA Novosti philosopher Vladimir Lepehin.The United States, judging by everything, is the only country in the world founded […]

Could Laser Weapon Save Earth From Killer Asteroids? – Veterans Today

By Tomasz Nowakowski Potentially hazardous asteroid are still looming large in the minds of scientists engaged in planetary defense issues. Numerous strategies describing deflection of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) have been proposed, including methods employing kinetic impactors, robotic mining or gravity tractors. However, one of the proposed concepts has been lately reconsidered by a team of researchers, […]

Turkey’s Border Games With Ally…Al Qaeda – Veterans Today

KHMEIMIN /Latakia, Syria/, March 6. /TASS/. Several armed groups of Islamic State militants have been concentrated in Turkey. The militants are planning to attack a Syrian settlement populated by Kurds, chief of Russia’s Center for Ceasefire in Syria, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kuralenko said on Sunday. “Several Islamic State armed groups have reportedly been concentrated near the […]

Meet the Radical Gun Control Group That Pushes the Anti-Gun Hollywood Agenda – Daily Caller

Meet The Radical Gun Control Group That Pushes The Anti-Gun Hollywood Agenda
Daily Caller
If you are a gun owner, or even somewhat knowledgeable about guns, sometimes watching television shows or movies can be frustrating. The depiction of anything firearms-related often seems to have no basis in reality. You'll see someone stalking another ...

Explosives, Ammunition Found Near İncirlik Air Base – Yeni Şafak English (Press Release)

Explosives, ammunition found near İncirlik Air Base
Yeni Şafak English (press release)
Explosives and ammunition were found close to İncirlik Air Base currently being used by the U.S.-led anti-Daesh coalition. Turkish security forces found a car laden with a huge stash of explosives and ammunition in the Incirlik district of southern ...

Op-Ed: Alabama Lawmakers Should Support SB14, Gun Rights – Anniston Star

Anniston Star
Op-ed: Alabama lawmakers should support SB14, gun rights
Anniston Star
He went on to say, “but if the permit requirement goes away, anyone — a criminal, an underaged person or the mentally ill — can legally carry any weapon in their vehicle with absolutely no restrictions. Law enforcement could do absolutely nothing.” ...