NY Gun Rights Group Abandons Anti-SAFE Act Effort After Scalia’s Passing – Town Hall

Town Hall
NY Gun Rights Group Abandons Anti-SAFE Act Effort After Scalia's Passing
Town Hall
The SAFE Act is still as unpopular as ever with New York gun owners. While Gov. Andrew Cuomo still considers his bill one of the strongest gun safety laws in the country, new reports indicate that the burdensome anti-gun legislation has resulted in one ...
A number of groups across the state have rallied against the SAFE Act. | Photo: Bill HaenelNorth Country Public Radio
Lovett: Antonin Scalia's death halts lawsuit to fight Cuomo's gun control lawNew York Daily News
Pro gun group nixes Supreme Court SAFE Act appealNew York Daily News

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New Judge Hearing Challenge to DC Gun Law Rules City Can Keep Enforcing Law – Washington Post

New judge hearing challenge to DC gun law rules city can keep enforcing law
Washington Post
A federal judge ruled Monday that the District can continue to enforce its gun-permitting system, while she considers a closely watched constitutional challenge to the city's requirement that applicants show “good reason” before obtaining permits to ...

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Federal Gun Rights Lawsuit Against Shawnee Remains in US District Court – the Dispatch

Federal gun rights lawsuit against Shawnee remains in US District Court
The Dispatch
A U.S. District Court judge is determining whether to dismiss a federal lawsuit filed against Shawnee asking for $3 million, claiming the city violated the plaintiffs' Second and Fourth Amendment rights in 2013, or side with the plaintiffs through a ...

Lovett: Antonin Scalia’s Death Halts Lawsuit to Fight Cuomo’s Gun Control Law – New York Daily News

New York Daily News
Lovett: Antonin Scalia's death halts lawsuit to fight Cuomo's gun control law
New York Daily News
ALBANY — The state's leading gun rights organization has halted its lawsuit looking to strike down Gov. Cuomo's 2013 gun control law because of the recent death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The state Rifle and Pistol Association ...
Double Take/Scharnau: Scalia's legacy on the Second AmendmentDubuque Telegraph Herald

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West Virginia Overrides Governor’s Veto to Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law – ThinkProgress

West Virginia Overrides Governor's Veto To Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law
Gun owners in West Virginia will no longer need to get a permit to have a concealed weapon, putting it among the most far-reaching states for gun rights. The House voted on the measure Friday and officially overrode a gubernatorial veto on Saturday.
Concealed carry gun bill passes in to lawWVNS-TV

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Op-Ed: Alabama Lawmakers Should Support SB14, Gun Rights – Anniston Star

Anniston Star
Op-ed: Alabama lawmakers should support SB14, gun rights
Anniston Star
He went on to say, “but if the permit requirement goes away, anyone — a criminal, an underaged person or the mentally ill — can legally carry any weapon in their vehicle with absolutely no restrictions. Law enforcement could do absolutely nothing.” ...