Saudi King Relieves Nayef as Crown Prince

Jim W. Dean - The "work averse" Saudis, who view all work as a slave's occupation, are only focused on control over the top positions where they can loot more of the country's wealth than other members of the Royal Family. A typical government employee will work an hour a day, leaving the real work to the imported slave working class.

Stop the Funds to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Jim W. Dean - Kadir is nothing, if not a dedicated and passionate man. The expose' below is a lot to absorb for those who have not followed the Afghanistan descent into hell, where once again gangsters end up running the show. If you want to learn a lot quickly, here it is.

Syrian War Report – June 20, 2017: Situation Further Escalates in Syria

…from SouthFront The situation escalates in Syria following the US aviation attack against an Su-22 belonging to the country’s national air force. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US move may be considered an “act of aggression,” and announced that it is halting all interactions with the US within the framework on the memorandum […]