RAG RADIO: Austin Country/Folk/Honky-Tonk! the Melancholy Ramblers Live! – Veterans Today

The Melancholy Ramblers, who join us in performance and conversation, are a popular Austin band that plays an eclectic mix of country, folk, gospel, and honky-tonk – with a progressive political bent. They play regularly at the venerable Austin music venue, the Broken Spoke, at the New World Deli, and at benefits for progressive causes […]

Political Notes, a Drop in Intelligence – Veterans Today

By the Senior Editor I just finished listening to Mitt Romney and Donald Trump trade barbs.  Lets begin with the level of absurdity here, both are Vietnam War draft dodgers of the highest and most despicable level.  Both have very strong and lifelong ties to organized crime.  Both have made their personal fortunes through chiseling […]

Michigan’s GOP Governor Lawyers Up in Child Poisoning Scandal – Veterans Today

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has retained two attorneys, including a civil defense lawyer and a criminal lawyer, to serve as “investigatory counsel” as the bombshells keep exploding regarding his role in the Flint water crisis. The lawyers were each awarded a contract valid throughout 2016 worth $249,000 each — to be paid by “state funds,” or the taxpayers. […]

Saudi Air Force Deploys to Support Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria – Veterans Today

…from SouthFront Following the announcement by the Saudi Defense Ministry on Saturday February 14th that the kingdom intended to commit both air and ground forces to the fight against ISIS in Syria, the first four Royal Saudi Airforce F-15S strike fighters arrived at Incirlik air base on Friday February 26th. These jets were immediately proceeded […]

Elizabethan London Skyline Revisited – Veterans Today

Fifty years before the centre of London was destroyed by the Great Fire, Dutch draughtsman Claes Jansz Visscher’s captured it in his 1616 engraving, View of London – a low-rise cityscape dominated by church spires and steeples. Now the artist Robin Reynolds has updated that classic view for the present day, recreating Visscher’s perspective as […]